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Tips for Suse 10.0: Multimedia

December 2005

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Adding inst-sources
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Amarok, Zappa, Isle of Man, Nurburgring

Playing DVD-images
Installing RPM packages
Java and Flash


Following the tips on the multimedia section makes Suse 10.0 play all multimedia files!

Mp3, video, DVD and SUSE 10.0

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Playing multimedia in Suse 10.0 has recently been the most frequently asked topic about Suse in the usenet today, so that's where I'll start my English pages.

The problems with playing music

As a taxi driver I listen to a lot of Mp3 music. It's far from the best format, but it's so generally supported that it was a natural choice at the time.
I've built a music collection of my old vinyl records and CD records to be played outside home.
The car audio did not support (still it does not) much else than CD and Mp3, so it was simple to choose the format. Fair enough, you'll have 10 CD 's in the car and you have like 120 to 150 albums on them.

On my file server at home my directories show like this:
/home/user/music 32.3 GB 4423 files 482 sub-folders.
/home/user/music/mp3 26.1 GB 4271 files 471 sub-folders

The problems with playing video

There's a lot of different video in the Internet. And there's the DVD, which by default can not be played at all in computers.
All this can be simplified in a very straight forward manner saying: the video has been converted to a file format using a codec. Now, we need a codec to play it, right?

In the Internet you can watch video using plug-ins in the browsers for streams and you can download video files. Also a lot of it is based on  Flash. DVD, in addition is country coded and encrypted.

All this has been solved, so here we just apply the solutions.
First of all we'll need an audio player, a video player, a browser with plug-ins, some codecs and decryption

Since I am using Suse and KDE all here applies to them

The solutions

As we at the time of installation opt for KDE, we by default get a plenthora of applications for multimedia. My favorite there for video is Kaffeine.
Some licencing and legal stuff cause Kaffeine coming with Suse to be somewhat cripple. It needs some fixing up.
In addition I always install the  MPlayer.  These two cover pretty much everything.

Fixing up Kaffeine

First I leaveKaffeine and Amarok out of the basic installation. If it's already installed it can be fixed afterwards, no worries. Screen shots of the actions are linked to the text.

The images are like  >50 - 150 kB, download may take a few moments.

Kaffeine is left out by not choosing it. It can be removed. if it's already there. In the  installation summary you choose Software.
In the opening window you type kaffeine in the search field (kaf will do)  and click radio button search.
You untick everything that has kaffeine. We'll put them back later as better versions. Screen shot. (57.3 kB)
My favorite audio player is Amarok.
One of the features is its ability to use MySql.  That's then another story, server. Finnish only at this stage.
I leave Amarok out the same way as Kaffeine
Now this is where you can finish the installation. Or If you already had, read on

Fixing the installation for video play

First of all we need a couple of installation sources to get new packages
It is a good idea to copy/paste the addresses from here to avoid typos.

First guru.  Open Add > FTP  (Image 143.2 kB)

Server name:
Directory on Server:  pub/linux/misc/suser-guru/rpm/10.0. (Image 151.9 kB)

Then packman, but now the protocol is HTTP:
Add  > http
Server name:
Directory on server: suse/10.0.

When the sources are there Mplayer, Kaffeine and Amarok can be installed.

A few good installation sources

Thunderbird, rkhunter webalizer, realplayer, awstats  are here:

KDE updates here:


Manual install from

Java  can be obtained from here:

A very good Bittorrent-client:, running on Java

Ogle, video player

Opensuse Additional Installation Sources on Novell pages.

Some more stuff is needed
Close installation sources and open Software Management. There search again.

Type mplayer, choose it, then Kaffeine. Kaffeine needs libxine -1, check that.
Take also all plug-ins for browsers by typing plug in Search field.
Yast wil take automagically everything we need in addition to these.

You might also want to type divx4linux and xvid to the search field to get those.


Playing DVD requires one more thing: libdvdcss. You used to get it  from

You could then just download the RPM and save it and install it with YaST.

This has changed as the new copyright law has come into force. There are now instructions for a workaround, the link to that is here:

DVD playing from image

If you have back up ISO images of DVD disks on you hard drive, they can be played, too. One way is to mount them so that the players see them as DVD or CD drives. More of that later
We add Ogle for this, it can be obtained from here:

Just find Ogle, download it and install with Yast. There's also a front end for Ogle, called Okle. Not necessary, but you can take that, too if you like.
It's good to make a directory somewhere for RPM packages, you'll need them now and then.

Installing RPM

The easiest, and at the same time the safest for the system stability is to just click on an RPM and let Yast do the rest. It'll take care of dependencies, and configuration. In case of for example Ogle Yast wants something from Packman. If there's an error maybe because of too many connections on servers or similar, just try again, do not let Yast finish by letting it skip any of the needed packages.

Sometimes in cases like this it is worth refreshing the source. Abort and go to installation sources and choose the source in question e.g. Packman, > edit > refresh.
Sites like Packman are updated often, the contents change. It may make sence to put automatic refreshing on. This will cause the source to be updated whenever something is installed. It takes some time, of course and may be irritating to update sources which are not needed everytime. You will know what is the best practice for you.

Java and Flash


First add the following to your install source: (or another mirror carrying this tree)


In Yast install then the following:

The easiest way is to Yast> Software Management > type "sun" in search field.

At the time of writing the latest versions that then come from YOU update are


Test Java here:


The easiest way of installing
Flash  is to surf to a URL that requires Flash with  Firefox. It can install Flash so we let it! Konqueror in its turn is able to use Mozilla plug-ins so we just configureit to use them:

Konqueror > Settings > Configure Konqueror > Plug-ins > Scan for plug-ins. Also tick Scan for New Plu-ins at KDE Startup.

Then you test Flash. I put some nice URLs here for you to test. I also use the opportunity to show some stuff of my liking.
The first one is a guy who's been my hero ever since I first heard of him, Frank Zappa.
In conjunction to music, computers, networking, open source and RIAA. He was the first and biggest enemy of RIAA. He just hated RIAA.
I listen to My Mothers every day. I have everything ever officially published. As soon as something gets published again from the vaults, I'll get it. No matter what.

What does he and computer multimedia have in common? Well, there's not been another visionary who has been able to predict what is going on in the music business and distribution today the way he did like twenty years ago. It's another incredible story. Read all about it "The Real Frank Zappa Book", you'll find it easy. His site:

Novell Gives credit to Zappa

The next one is more like Motorcycles. It's somebody (sorry I don't know who) riding one full lap on The Isle Of Man TT, so it takes about twenty minutes. It's awesome to anybody crazy about that kind of stuff. Like myself. IsleOfMan.mpg (video/mpeg Object)

Here's a nice Flash clip, too. I don't put it anywhere to everybody to find on my Motorcycle Site, of course, you know what I mean ( put big smiley here).
It's Hans Joachim Stuck with BMW M3 GTR on Nurburgring. Two warm up laps on the circuit and then the whole lap. There's a couple of nice overtakes and just listen to those sounds of him pulling the gears up and  down. 5 liter V8 engine suits there better than on a bike IMHO. Here you go: BMW M3 at Nurburgring.

In the Pirkinning

As your Suse now  has full multimedia functionality, I'd like to add a reader's request here.
A busy usenet Suse contributor from Belgium, Houghi, asked me to put this link on my pages.
It's a Finnish SciFi parody Star Wreck that has achieved a fabulous reputation round the world through the Internet. I'm not skilled to write any cinema reviews, though. So I will let this masterpiece speak for itself:
In The Pirkinning

is needed for interactivity and animations etc a lot of things. We install it just as everyhing else, the installation source is on my lists.  Image
Tick what's on the image, that should do.
Java test site:


This player became my favorite right from the very first time I found it. I'm trying to avoid Linux advocacy here (it's hard after using Linux for a while, isn't it?) but it just works for me.
I guess it's good to know that I've seen a lot of Windows in my life. OK, I got familiar with other operating systems right from the moments of birth of the PC and MS-DOS, then Apple's mistake Lisa and that on. (I was in the printing business selling prepress systems at the time PostScript was born). I knew nothing about Linux before it was maybe ten years old. Or Linus Torvalds, who is pronouncing "Linux" here in Swedish and English.

So since I like Amarok maybe you still want to know why. Hard to rank the features, it's got them all. While playing it can search the covers, lyrics, artist Wiki, suggestions, connect to other users and so on. You can then follow the lyrics for example while you listen. You get to upload them, too.
One specially nice thing is that it can utilize MySql database. That works fine and is really fast, of course. It can be configured to run also database back ups by cron if you like.

Amarok is also well documented. So in my English part here it does not make much sense to give any other type of Amarok advice than point you to installing/fixing it to play Mp3. Then just follow the helps in it, youll be just fine.

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